Our Democratic Leaders

Our committee members provide leadership for the collective actions of Union County Democrats.  See who we are, why we are Democrats, and how we serve our local organization.

Carol Coldren

  • Represent East Buffalo Township
  • Why am I a Democrat? – As a daughter of a secretary and baker, I grew up wanting an affordable education, a decent job, and a right to freely make my own reproductive healthcare decisions.  I am a Democrat because I believe the party is a person- and family-focused one that considers how fairness and decency towards people matters.
  • How have I worked as an active member? – My committee work involves writing letters to the editor of local newspapers and helping to coordinate that effort, in addition to canvassing.

Linda Godfrey

  • Represent Union Township
  • Why am I a Democrat? – I have been a Democrat ever since I was eligible to vote. For the most part, I believe that Democrats truly want to help improve the lives of all Americans and I am confident that Democrats are working to preserve democracy.
  • How have I worked as an active member? – I have worked with the Union County Democratic Committee by assisting with scheduling of office volunteers, as an office volunteer, a poll greeter, and a poll watcher.

Dave Jacobson

  • Serve as Committee Treasurer
  • Why am I a Democrat? – I believe that Americans should have an equal shot at life and the Democratic Party is the best party to make this happen.
  • How have I worked as an active member? – As treasurer, I write checks to pay bills, deposit donations, reconcile bank statements, write and file campaign finance reports, create budgets, and I am involved in executive committee discussions and decisions.

Shari Jacobson

  • Serve as Committee Chair
  • Why am I a Democrat? – As the daughter, stepdaughter, and niece of veterans, and as an American who proudly served our country for two years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I am a Democrat because this party advocates for jobs that pay a living wage, health care that is accessible and affordable, and the freedom of all Americans to determine how to manage their bodies and their health care.
  • How have I worked as an active member? – As chair, I oversee and support the work of our Elections, Events, Communications, Tools and Technology, and Budget and Fundraising teams. Prior to becoming chair, I organized our 2022 Get Out the Vote team.

Dave Kyle

  • Represent White Deer Township Precinct 2
  • Why am I a Democrat? – As a former public school teacher, a union member for over 56 years, and having worked many years as a labor negotiator, I am proud to be a member of a political party which supports public education and advocates for working class Americans.
  • How have I worked as an active member? – I am currently a part of the Letters to Editors (LTE) group.  Our goal is to disseminate Democratic policies and accomplishments to the general public through the print news media.