Justice of the Supreme Court

Maria McLaughlin

Maria McLaughlin is a current Judge on our PA Superior Court; Served 6 yrs. as Judge, Court of Common Pleas; Chief and ADA, Phila District Attorneys Office; Rated Highly Recommended for the Supreme Court by the PBA. As a lawyer & a judge she has always worked to ensure everyone who comes into a courtroom has an opportunity to be heard and the law applied without bias. This is the cornerstone of our legal system. As a Justice she will not waiver from that driving principle. Her work on the bench and in my life will always reflect her dedication to fairness and equality.


Judge of the Superior Court

Timika Lane

Timika Lane is a Major Trials Judge who has presided over thousands of trials and authoring hundreds of opinions. She handles all human trafficking cases and many of the most serious criminal cases and Grand Jury matters. She is a Certified Child Advocate, and as former Executive Director of the Senate Govt Committee, advised on the constitutionality of legislation.


Judge of the Commonwealth Court

Lori Dumas

Lori Dumas has been a Trial Court Judge since 2002; Jury and Non-jury experience; Presided in Family, Criminal and Civil Divisions; Former Corporate Executive, Non-Profit Leader; Adjunct Professor; National Leader in trauma informed courts; Led the creation of victim centered juvenile human trafficking court in Philadelphia.


David Spurgeon

David Spurgeon is “Highly Recommended” by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and endorsed by the PA Dems. He has served as a Judge since 2016 and was appointed by the Governor and unanimously confirmed by the PA Senate. He is also an Adjunct Law Professor and National Judicial Fellow, and former prosecutor.



Nick Fuller
for Prothonotary

Nick Fuller believes this position is apolitical position and plans to keep it that way. He will serve with customer service in mind to make it a fun experience.

Township Supervisor

Katie Evans
for East Buffalo Township Supervisor

As a longtime resident of EBT, Katie Evans has deep knowledge of local issues and a desire to serve EBT. She has negotiation and conflict resolution skills and a clear understanding of contract language, as well as the ability to listen to and work with individuals and groups with differing needs and viewpoints. She believes in improving road safety for our pedestrians and bike riders, and more parks to continue to attract young families. As Supervisor, she would think ahead to anticipate issues by listening to the concerns of our businesses, farmers and residents.

Dan Greak
for Union Township Supervisor


Kendy Alvarez
for Lewisburg Mayor

Kendy Alvarez believes our biggest challenge is ourselves. Our community has focused on what divides us rather than what unites us. We pay more attention to the national news and politics than our neighbors. We have arguments via social media rather than conversations addressing our differences. It is not a challenge unique to us, but one that continues to tear apart what makes this region very special. She believes it is important to address the pain points within our community that cause our constituents to pit themselves against one another. She would like to start by bringing together local politicians – regardless of their political affiliation – to listen to our constituents frustrations and working together to find solutions.


Nancy Showers
for New Berlin Mayor

Nancy Showers and her family have lived in New Berlin for 40+ years, committing to its residents, activities, property, environment, heritage, & legacy. Time, energy, & interest in maintaining/reclaiming the potential, quaintness, & greater connection between residents of this community are genuine & ever-present. She will serve by listening to residents with deference rather than indifference; conversing concretely in response to residents’ concerns; promoting predictable & consistent enforcement of ordinances already on the borough’s books; developing a stable police presence with scheduling reflecting times of greatest need; enhancing community camaraderie while focusing on safety, personal & property values, & community pride.


Bina Bilneky Trahan
for Lewisburg Council (Ward 1)

Bina Bilenky Trahan’s work and passion is in the bicycle industry and as a result, she has an attentiveness to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Since the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail was constructed she’s observed and experienced the absence of a safe connection to and from the Downtown Lewisburg portion of the trail. This is an obvious safety issue as well as an economic one as residents and visitors would be more likely to continue into town and patronize the local businesses if there was a protected crossing. With the completion of the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway imminent, this should be a real possibility and she hopes to be a driving force in this project.

Dianne Powers
for Lewisburg Council (Ward 2)

David Alan Heayn
for Lewisburg Council (Ward 3)

David Heayn is a current Councilman Lewisburg Borough; Lewisburg Historic Architectural Review Board Member; Former BVRA Board Member. He understands the pressing need for a long term plan for sustainable and equitable development. The Borough has a restricted geographic area, limited space for development, and the ever present threat of living in a flood zone. We need leadership which can work with our neighbors and partners, listen to and address community and commercial needs, plan for a housing environment which maintains and fosters our community and prepare for future environmental changes. Lewisburg is an amazing community with many human resources and with the proper leadership we can prepare for the issues on the horizon. This means understanding and preparing for a future before it happens, not simply reacting.

Marlene Lira
for Lewisburg Council (Ward 4)

David Farmer
for New Berlin Council

David Farmer has lived in New Berlin for almost 25 years and plans to be here for the rest of his life. For the past couple years he has been attending Borough Council meetings and feels he understands the commitment involved in serving the community as a Council member. In recent years he has observed that the efforts and initiatives of the Borough Council are often not appreciated by the community, and in many cases this is due to a lack of communication. He will work to open the channels of communication and foster an environment where everyone can work together.

Bonnie Hamilton
for New Berlin Council

Bonnie Hamilton feels a calling to serve her community, but more importantly, to bridge the divide. She believes the people in the community want and need local focus and local commitment. Too many national issues have divided us really most people want similar things. People need local leadership and accountability. She want to brings people together to solve shared local problems and revitalize New Berlin. She will do this by listening to the community and finding solutions and compromise.

Ryan Shay
for Mifflinburg Council East

Tax Collector

Daniel Greene
for East Buffalo Tax Collector

Daniel Greene and his wife moved back to the Lewisburg area in 2001, to be nearer to their families. They feel fortunate to live in this area and he wants to give back. His work ethic is honest and he will serve in a friendly, helpful and fair manner with everyone.

Judge of Election

Eric Brown
for Judge of Election (EB1)

Eric Brown has experience as Inspector of Election for EB1 since 2017 and has been the Acting Judge of Elections since 2019.

Nancy S. Weyant — WRITE IN
for Judge of Election (EB3)

Nancy S. Weyant is a retired librarian and has been a resident of EB3 for over 40 years. She will fairly represent the precinct to assure election rules and regulations are followed.

Jacob Feuerstein
for Judge of Election (EB4)

Jacob Feuerstein has worked several elections in EBT 4, helping voters cast their votes and aiding the Union County Elections Office with their efforts to count every ballot. As a student of American government, he is excited to have the opportunity to help citizens exercise their fundamental right to vote.

Susan Travis
for Judge of Election (Kelly 1)

Susan Travis has been a poll worker for many years and Judge of Election at Kelly I since 2014.

Cindy Potoeski
for Judge of Election (Hartley Township)

Inspector of Election

Sharon Silberman
for Inspector of Election (EB2)

Sharon Silberman is the incumbent Inspector of Election, and served as Inspector of Election in the 1970s.

East Buffalo Township Auditor

Lana Snyder
for EBT Auditor – WRITE IN

Lewisburg School Board (Vote for up to 4)

Mary Ann Sigler Stanton
for Lewisburg School Board

Mary Ann Sigler Stanton is a current School Board member of 4 years and serves on the CSIU Board, and Equity & Inclusion and Act 93 Compensation committees. She attended LAHS for 1.5 years and has been a member of the community for 22 years. She has deep family roots in the area. She and her husband Ryan have 2 children in district – Classes of ‘15 and ‘21.


Heather Haynos
for Lewisburg School Board

Heather Haynos is a Lewisburg resident and parent of two Lewisburg Area School District graduates (2018, 2021). She is fluent in Spanish and was a Spanish Language Instructor and bilingual School Aide, where she worked on behalf of students, teachers and school administration alike. Her highest priorities include student achievement, their emotional and physical well-being, and equity. She is a board member of Susquehanna Valley YMCA.


Jaime Lyons
for Lewisburg School Board

Jaime Lyons is a mother of two (soon three) Lewisburg students. Her career experience includes over a decade of advocacy for adults with disabilities. Lyons is familiar with state regulations, overseeing budget and funding for Home and Community Based Services. She hopes to prioritize special education support and fiscally responsible decisions.


Kristin Kraus
for Lewisburg School Board

Kristin Kraus would bring a unique expertise and perspective to the Board, having been a public school elementary and special education teacher for over a decade in MD & PA. With 2 children attending LASD schools, she is invested in our District’s success, evidenced by her volunteer service as PSA fundraising coordinator.