Special Election

Marc Friedenbrg


Marc is running to flip PA Congressional District 12, formerly held by Tom Marino. In doing so, he can bring modern leadership and a Democratic voice that’s sorely missed in much of North-Central PA.

Marc isn’t a career politician. He’s a Penn State professor, family man, and healthcare activist. He’s also a former lawyer who sued the Wall Street banks that preyed on the families of rural Pennsylvania.

As a Congressman, Marc will bring us one step closer to progress by fighting for Democratic priorities like stronger unions, higher wages, healthcare security, and investments in green energy.

Marc Friedenberg the only right choice for North-Central PA.


Vote Marc Friedenberg for Congress on May 21, 2019

Superior Court

Amanda Green Hawkins


Amanda Green-Hawkins is running for statewide election to the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Amanda has devoted her legal career to serving working families as attorney for labor unions. She also serves on Allegheny City Council and in dozens of PA charitable organizations.

Amanda was a DNC delegate in 2016 and has volunteered her time for voter protection in elections dating back to 2008.


Elect Amanda Green-Hawkins on November 5, 2019.

Judge Dan McCaffery


Judge Dan McCaffery is running for statewide election to the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Since 2013, Judge McCaffery has served on Philadelphia’s Court of Commonwealth Pleas. Prior, he served in the US Army, graduated from Temple Law, and spent 28 years as an attorney.

Judge McCaffery is highly recommended by the PA Bar Association.


Elect Judge Dan McCaffery on November 5, 2019.